Discover the advantages of digital trends, emerging technologies, business design thinking and data-driven business, while enjoying the nightless summer nights, sauna with locals, beautiful beaches, buzzing start-up scene and Nordic superfoods in Finland's capital city Helsinki.​

The Master Class (6 ECTS) includes viewpoints to the Finnish digital business landscape and companies through industry lecturers and company visits. Lectures by Aalto faculty, visiting faculty and industry professionals.

We arrange social and cultural activities – including visits to the UNESCO heritage site Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and Allas Sea Pool outdoor pool and sauna, summer party and Finnish traditions.


Interactive and fast-paced graduate level summer course (6 ECTS) focusing on digital technologies as tools for building businesses. We learn how companies transform their processes and systems by implementing digital technologies.

During the intense 2 weeks we build a project, planning a digital solution for a real-life company problem. Concepts covered include mobile and social technologies, service design, data analytics, platforms and ecosystems, business models, working in virtual teams and project management frameworks.


  • Learn and explore key topics in digital business
  • Understand the constantly evolving digital business landscape both locally and globally
  • Plan projects and understand the project management life-cycle
  • Work in international multi-disciplinary virtual teams
  • Become familiar with typical digital business scenarios
  • Gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on digital business transforming industries


June 4–8 Virtual teamwork, pre-work

Mon 2/7 
Welcome to Finland, Project Management Workshop, Kick Off Evening Event
Tue 3/7 
Company visit, TBC
Wed 4/4 
Advantages Through Technologies
Thu 5/7 Platforms in Business
Fri 6/7 
Business Design Thinking
Sat 7/7 
Visit to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and Allas Sea Pool
Mon 9/7 
Data-Driven Marketing
Tue 10/7 Company visit, TBC
Wed 11/7 
Digital Business in Finland
Thu 12/7 
Megatrends in the Digital World
Fri 13/7 
Project presentations, Farewell Dinner

August 20–24 Virtual teamwork, post-work

The total course workload of 160h (6 ECTS) is divided as follows:

30h Contact hours and exercises in class room
40h Class preparation
50h Project work
40h Post-work


In order to apply, you must be enrolled student at a partner university of Aalto University School of Business and nominated by your home university exchange coordinator. The Application period is open from January 14th to April 27th, 2018. The nominated students receive their acceptance letters in a week from filling out the application.

Application should include:

  • Study transcript,
  • CV + LinkedIn profile, and
  • Motivation letter.


Heini-Maari Kemppainen
Heini-Maari Kemppainen

Project Manager
+358 50 5772755

Laura Sivula
Laura Sivula

Program Manager
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